Salt Farm Texel

Salt Farm Texel, also known as Zilt Proefbedrijf (Tested on Texel), is a company where science, agronomy and business come together. Our company is committed to develop saline agriculture as a widespread success. By identifying salt tolerant crops and varieties it is possible to cultivate food in salt affected areas that were assumed to be unproductive. This goes together with the development of specific fertilizers, strategies to cope with the physical-chemical-biological soil properties, irrigation and drainage, and on-site research, training and management. Salt Farm Texel is based in The Netherlands, but is implementing the results not only in The Netherlands, but also in Pakistan and France. Several projects are being prepared worldwide.

Saline Agriculture is the Future

The facilities and experience found at Salt Farm Texel are the perfect starting point for updating the salt tolerance of crops, performing large-scale screening of potential salt tolerant cultivars, and developing cultivation schemes for saline crops. The open-air laboratory on Salt Farm Texel is one of the most important facilities for this project. By developing saline agriculture as a serious alternative to traditional farming, farmers faced with salinization can (re-)use saline soils and continue cultivating crops for the growing food demand of the world population.