Sea lettuce, from unneeded by-catch to new fishery product: Ulva fertilizer

This project aims a cooporation between Saline Agriculture and the shrimp fishery of the province of North-Holland, first focused on the island of Texel. Main goal is the development of a new product for the fishery sector, namely the capture of Sea lettuce which serves as fertilization of the (saline) potato- and vegetable cultivation: Ulva fertilizer. A part of the year sea lettuce is an inconvenient by-catch to the shrimp fishery. At the same time sea lettuce contains some special characteristics that makes it suitable as a fertilizer.


Duration project: start 2014 - end 2015

The project is a cooporation between:

Visserijbedrijf TX 25, Veenstra’s Fisheries Consultancy, Salt Farm Texel, OceanDesertFood en Stichting Sint Donatus.

The project is funded by grant of LNV on behalf of sustainable development of fishery regions.